For most beginners, and some long-time hobbyists, pruning can be a controversial topic. While a lot tend to believe that pruning and trimming is the same concept, there is a difference between the two that many may not understand completely.

But whether you believed that they are the same or not, pruning is an extremely important step to keep your plants, especially your trees healthy.

Let’s discuss how important pruning is along with some tips and tricks so you can do it properly. Otherwise, you can always trust a professional to prune for you. One of the many professional gardening services Maroubra like Amico offers professional pruning. If you are a beginner and you’re too careful to attempt to prune yourself, your safest bet is to hire an expert.

The Benefits Of Pruning:

  • Pruning Keeps Your Plants Healthy And Safe

The most important reason to prune is to keep your plants healthy and safe. The process of pruning removes dying or infested branches and stems. Apart from removing useless pieces, pruning also prevents insects and other organisms to harm and eventually infect the rest of the plant. This also reduces the risk of harming you, your family, and your property.

Aside from removing the unhealthy parts of the plant, pruning also improves its overall appearance and structure. The process of pruning prevents broad and weak branches from developing as well. This also means that limbs won’t be growing weak crotches or cross each other in the future. This only proves that pruning is a crucial step to ensure that your plants are healthy and safe.

  • Pruning Can Stimulate Or Suppress Growth

Another reason to prune your plants is to stimulate or suppress its growth. You can control how your plant will grow simply by the way you prune. You can be more aggressive in your pruning method to maintain its current size and shape, or you can also prune more sparsely to promote new growth, allowing it to grow depending on your preference.

Pruning Tips:

  • One of the most important factors in any pruning method is to use sharp pruning tools. The dull blade on a pruning tool can only shred the branches and not cut them completely. This will end up with an unsightly look, and it also exposes the branch to insects and diseases. With a sharp pruning tool, you can make quick and clean cuts that are just right.
  • Depending on which types of plants you have, learn when to prune them at the right time. Generally, late winter and early spring are the perfect seasons to prune summer and fall flowering trees and shrubs because this is when they are dormant. For spring flowering trees and shrubs, prune them later in spring or early summer.
  • After pruning, make sure to sterilize your tools to avoid the spread of disease organisms that can transfer to the cut surfaces of the plants
  • If unsure, consider hiring a professional gardener to prune your plants first. You can observe how the gardener expertly works so you can eventually try it yourself. You can get garden pruning services from Amico for professional results at an affordable price.

Final Word

Pruning may seem like a boring gardening chore, but it serves a lot of purposes that benefit not only your plants but you as a gardener as well. Consider these tips and tricks before taking a chance at pruning your plants.