Getting your fire extinguishers and fire equipment inspected and tested every year is very important. This guarantees that they are going to work well in the case of a fire. The most common question that comes up is regarding recharging fire extinguishers. How often should you really recharge your fire extinguishers?

Inspection is Needed

Get your fire extinguisher inspected by a professional to check the level. As soon as it reaches a certain threshold, then you will be advised to recharge your fire extinguisher. As time goes by, you are going to get used as to how long it takes for the fire extinguisher to be recharged depending on its maintenance.

It’s still important, however, that you get the take of an expert with everything else regarding your fire extinguishers. A fully recharged fire extinguisher can still put you in danger if it’s not checked for tampering or if it’s not up to date with the current safety standards. There may come a time that your fire extinguishers actually have to be replaced.

Often Usage

When you use your fire extinguishers often, then you have to recharge them immediately after each use. Even if you believe that you did not use the full charge, you still need to be prepared for the worst case scenario. Imagine how hopeless it’s going to feel if you see a fire breaking out, you grabbed a fire extinguisher and find out that it only had a few seconds left in it.

Those few seconds are not going to be enough to put out a fire to guarantee the safe escape of a person. That’s why you should always ensure the maintenance of your fire extinguishers and that includes recharging them at the proper time. This will also be a chance for you to know whether there are any internal damages to the fire extinguisher.

Recharging Process

You often hear the word recharge when it comes to fire extinguishers, but how do you really go about recharging fire extinguishers? If you don’t have the time to observe the process, then below is basically what happens when you get your fire extinguishers recharged by a servicing company:

The fire extinguisher is depressurized with the cylinder being rid of the agent

The discharge valve that connects to the cylinder is removed as well

All the valves, stems, and connected components are cleaned thoroughly

Each cleaned valve is going to be reassembled with the stem being replaced completely

The agent inside the fire extinguisher is going to be refilled according to the limit

The fire extinguisher is pressurized again

When the above process is done, you can expect the technician to run inspect the fire extinguisher for any damages during the recharging process. If everything seems to be in order, then they will run leak tests to guarantee that the agent doesn’t leak out of the fire extinguisher as soon as you take it from the facility.

At West Minster Fire Extinguisher Service, we don’t cut corners. When recharging fire extinguishers, we make sure you get the best service available in the market today.