Getting locked out of the house is a nightmare. It can ruin your entire day and make you postpone important activities. Home lockouts happen during the entire year as many people are distracted by day to day tasks and simply forget their keys inside the house.

Not to mention the fact that vulnerable locks remain unchecked for a long time just to go dysfunctional one day. Did key snap-in the door? This is also possible if your front door lock is rigid or multiple affected by environmental factors such as heat and cold.

In case of a lockout, you can follow some simple steps to help you regain access to the house or remain calm while you are waiting for a locksmith to arrive and unlock doors. Find out what you need to do when locked out of house.

Check the all the door locks

Make sure you check the entire door locks before you call a locksmith to unlock your front door. Many people leave their back door unlocked or even the window. Before calling an emergency locksmith, make sure to check all your door locks. You can get back into the house and schedule a meeting with a locksmith anytime soon. Even the dog entry can be an access point to the house if there is no other alternative. Checking the perimeter of your house is also a good idea as many people lose their only spare key around the house.

Try a lock picking method for your front door locks

If you have left your only keys inside the house and the keyhole is not blocked, you can use a classic lock picking method for your front door locks. Using a bobby pin or any thin, long object flexible enough to not bend too much so that it breaks, you can open your door.

This unprofessional method will not guarantee that you unlock doors without damaging the lock, but there is a chance you manage to open doors and get back inside the house. Complex locks, although resistant can deteriorate if foreign objects are introduced inside the keyhole.

The best approach, when using the bobby pin, is to try to introduce the stick or the bobby pin by bending it to form a hook. Afterward, you can start rotating it until you unlock the door.

Call a residential locksmith

Last, but not least, calling a locksmith is the safest solution. Professional locksmiths are available in your area so you don’t have to wait for too long for them to arrive. Professional locksmiths only use special tools and they will unlock your door without damaging it. Don’t hesitate to call a locksmith in your area to unlock doors fast.