Accidents of plumbing such as burst pipe flood can leave quite a big mess. Plumbers who are skilled will perform the necessary repairs to get the plumbing working right again and to stop the flood of water. But it is usually up to the customer to take care of the burst pipe cleanup. Water can cause damage that is serious, so any clean-up efforts need to begin as soon as possible after the plumber gets the flooding stopped.

How to clean-up

For flooded areas with very small exposure or is limited to only one room, performing the clean up yourself might be the best option. If a water leak has caused flooding in multiple rooms, and has come from an upper level to a lower level of the house, or has been left unseen for over 8 hours, you will need professional water mitigation and specific drying equipment to help clean up the water.

  • Step one

Safety needs to always become first. If the leak occurred near any electrical appliances, make certain to shut off the power to the house while cleaning.

  • Step two

All the soaked carpets need to be removed and furniture as well another removable item from the area that was flooded. These are items that may not be salvageable, depending on the amount of water the items absorbed.

  • Step three

If there is any water remaining on the floor, use towels and then a mop to dry the floor. You can also use a wet-dry shop vac to remove any remaining water. If you don’t own a wet-dry shop vac they can be rented at a nearby local hardware and home improvement store.

  • Step Four

If the weather permits, open windows and doors in the house to bring in fresh, dry air. Also, bring in large fans to the area and turn them on to their highest setting. This will help the floor to dry faster.

Water damage restoration contractor

If there is a local water damage restoration contractor in the area, it might be better to hire them to take care of the water, water damage and drying the area.