Addictions are very strong patterns of life.

They come into our lives very slowly and take hold of our lives. They hold us very strong and if care is not taken, they destroy our lives completely. Many people have developed my fatal diseases which have sent them to their early grace as a result of addictions.

Robert Gilbert said, “First we form habits and then the habits form us. Conquer your bad habits or they’ll conquer you.” Warren Buffet added, “The chains of habits are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken”. When addictive behaviors become too hard to be broken, it is necessary to isolate into sobriety.

And this is where sober living homes come to play. Sober living homes are group homes for people who want to stay in solitude, recover themselves, rejuvenate their lives, break off addictions and renew their lives. California Sober living homes play an important role for many addicts in the city.

The most important thing about sober living homes is the kind of environment they provide. The best sober living homes in California provide a suitable environment where you are able to recover and transition yourself from one state to another.

Sober living homes in Redondo Beach are often owned either by individuals, groups, charities, NGO’s or businesses. And they are often situated away from the busy business centers. They provide a siren environment to support sobriety and help people to take responsibility for themselves.

Unlike Rehab Centers where people are being kept there for a long time and being enrolled on a rehab program to help them with several addictions such as smoking, drinking, prostitution, low self-esteem and many others, sober living homes are not camps. Sober living homes are not camps where people with addictions are being kept.

Sober living homes have several units of homes in a very big compound. People who live in these homes are obliged to pay for their own rent and living expenses as they stay in there. They live their normal lives; get access to many recreational facilities to help them rejuvenate themselves.

But the key thing about sober living homes is the rules that run the home. If you were to stay in your own home, you will live by your own rules and do what you like—things that are likely to make you continue with your addictive behaviors.

While sober living homes provide you with all kinds of flexibility and enjoyment, there are several rules and regulations put in place to help people to recover themselves, become more responsible and refrain from additions.

The rules and programs set forth in most of the Southern California sober living homes help people to become more responsible and refrain from taking irresponsible actions which comes as a result of one or two addiction. The more people become responsible, they better they take good care of themselves and the faster they refrain from addictions which drain and destroy their lives.