The selection of cabinets is crucial for the success of a kitchen remodeling project. The appearance can enhance or diminish the look and feel of that space. Cabinets that frame the entire room, for example, can make a small kitchen seem crowded and a large one welcoming. There are no right or wrong choices for cabinets, as most people simply select what appeals to them in terms of aesthetics. What is important about current trends is more about function than looks.

Base Cabinets

Homeowners will appreciate the trends for base cabinets when it comes to kitchen remodeling. Instead of doors that open into cavernous spaces where container lids and small frying pans are swallowed up and never seen again, the new trends favor drawers. The accessibility is unsurpassed because the contents are visible without bending, reaching, or getting down on the floor and placing half the body in the cabinet. Drawers are ergonomically designed so people at any age can easily find what they are seeking.

Organizational accessories are plentiful for these shaker kitchen cabinets to keep lids, plates, utensils, cookie sheets, and most everything else neatly in the spaces. The formatting of the cabinets is also geared toward an organization. There are narrow spaces with dividers that hold serving trays, cookie sheets, pizza pans, and cooling racks upright and separated. Next to that can be a wider cabinet with deep shelves for storing mixing bowls and small tools like an electric hand mixer. It the cost of an entire kitchen renovation is not in the budget, consider a kitchen upgrade to have the cabinets redone.

Wall Cabinets

New styles for wall cabinets include ones that go from the floor to the ceiling. These are typically placed side by side along a short wall for accent. This approach leaves the space above the sink and main counter open for lighting, decorations, or elaborate backsplashes. It also means items on the counter are readily available. Canisters, a blender, the coffee maker, or the panini machine do not have to be stored under the cabinets and moved forward when needed.

This style can become a pantry for dry and canned goods with shelving that pulls out from the front. A substantial number of items can be stored in a small space with this format. The higher cabinet sections are ideal for special cookware or table settings that are rarely used. Holiday tablecloths and placemats, the ceramic turkey roaster, and the huge bowl that makes scary sounds when kids reach in to get candy can all be kept out of the way. They will also be free from the damage that can occur when shoved in the back of the old base cabinets.


When budget constraints do not allow for kitchen remodeling, a kitchen makeover is still an option. This entails a few gallons of paint for the walls and resurfacing the cabinets. This process incurs minimal costs because the cabinets remain in place. What changes are the interior configurations and the visible parts of the cabinets? The inside spaces are fitted with a lazy susan for easier access to spices, an organizer for lids attached to the inside of the door, dividers, and shelving. Find more at Cabinetland.

The outside doors are given a whole new look. That can be a lighter stain and glass panels, new hardware on the old doors, or the doors sanded down and textured for an updated look. Patterns, stencils, decals, and borders can be added for something different without the cost and time required for a full kitchen remodeling project. Explore the new trends in cabinets by visiting a showroom if one is local or going online to view websites of cabinet makers, interior designer companies, and home improvement stores.

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