The kitchen can use some improvement every now and then as it is vulnerable to wear and tear. And, this home improvement project can be challenging if you have a small kitchen. How can you maximize its space? How can you make sure that you get the most from what you pay for the project? Here are some tips you can work with.

Before we get to the part where you choose what material to choose for your countertop or which appliances you should keep, let us take care of some more practical matters first, such as how you can get the best deals, especially if you are on a shoestring budget.

Planning your project ahead definitely helps. This way, you can get better bids from contractors. For instance, have the project done during the slow seasons. Understandably, contractors would charge you more if you ask them to fit you in during the busy seasons. Another important thing you should consider is which one is more reasonable: getting an entirely new kitchen or just remodeling it. You may find that just changing a few elements in your kitchen is what you need instead of totally replacing it.

Now let us take a look at some kitchen elements you need to consider when improving your small kitchen.

Counter space:

If you cook frequently, it is important that you have enough counter space to allow you to carry out the preparations and cooking smoothly. What you can do is have countertops cover as much of the area not covered with appliances. Countertops are available in various materials, depending on your food preparation requirements and budget. Marble, for instance, can provide you with cool surfaces, making it good for handling dough; however, it is one the most expensive options together with granite and stainless steel.


When you have a small kitchen, maximizing storage space is indeed important. The more cabinets you can fit into your design, the better. And, when designing your cabinets, consider their placement in relation to appliances as this will help you work as efficiently as possible. For instance, deep cabinets holding the plates should be found close to the dishwasher.


If appliances like waffle-makers that you don’t really use still clutter your kitchen, then it might be best to store them away already. Also, you may be able to save more in the long run if you buy energy-efficient appliances. A lot of new models of appliances are highly efficient in terms of energy use, so perhaps it is time for you to discard that refrigerator that is hurting your electric bill.


Just because you have a small kitchen doesn’t mean that you can’t have a large sink. In fact, a large sink can function as a utility sink, too. Also, it allows you to clean large pans and pots more easily.

To sum up, you can make the most of your home improvement project, that is, upgrading your small kitchen, if you plan ahead of time and compare prices. Taking into consideration kitchen elements, such as counter space, storage, appliances, and sink, can help a lot, too.