Do you need a lawn mower? Which lawn mower should you buy and why? There are a lot of considerations to take into account when buying a lawn mower. The size and type of your lawn will be a deciding factor in the purchase of the lawn mower. But there is also the wide selection of lawn mowers, of different horsepower, deck type, and width of cut. If all of that sounds confusing, then you probably never bought a lawn mower.

This is a simple guide to highlight the strong points of these different lawn mowers to help you make the right choice.

Reel or Cylinder Mowers

Reel mowers are also known as cylinder mowers don’t have an engine, making them great for a small area although they may be great for larger areas if you want a bit of exercise. They are also great for shorter grass as long grass will clog them, making mowing even more difficult. These mowers are also quite easy to maintain since all you need is a regular lubrication to maintain the moving parts. You can find reel mowers that are powered by an engine although they may be more expensive even though they are still not ideal to cutting long grass.

Rotary Lawn Mowers

These are the most common type of small lawn mowers with an engine. There are some rotary lawn mowers that need to be pushed and some that are self-drive. The one you choose will depend on the size of the lawn.  Because they have an engine, a rotary lawn mower will require regular maintenance. At some point, you may need to replace the parts on the mower of which you can find at very many outlets. One of them, All Mower Parts offer replacement spare parts for petrol ride on lawnmowers, which can be seen here.

But the type of lawnmower is not the only considerations. Of these, lawn mowers there are different engine types, weights, sizes and how the engine runs. These are factors you should consider since buying a large lawn mower may not be ideal if you have a small lawn. Electric mowers can be a good choice since they are often lower in noise output, require fewer maintenance costs a no exhaust fumes.

But when an electric mower has a long cord, it can make it very difficult to maneuver since you do have to be careful not to run over the cord when mowing. This problem can be solved by choosing to use battery mowers. These come with a rechargeable 24 to 36-volt power pack. But the main disadvantage with these is that they can be quite heavy and therefore not ideal for lawns with lots of slopes.

On top of all these considerations, you have to be mindful of your budget when purchasing a lawn mower. There are a lot of price points across all the different type of mowers. So, only worry about the price after you have chosen the type of mower you need.