So, you have decided to sell your home…Great! An exciting and often nerve-racking adventure awaits you. Whilst the process of selling your home should be as enjoyable as possible, beware that the market is competitive and sometimes downright ruthless. To help you prepare, here are some handy hints to help you improve your effectiveness.

1. Have A Plan

Obvious we know… but do you have a solid plan? When are you hoping to have it sold by? What is the minimum you should ask for? What real estate agent will you deal with? These are all simple questions that you should already have the answers for. A solid plan will vastly improve your selling prospects. A final question, where will your home be now? Buying a home should be a walk in the park with Fixed rate home loans from Newcastle Permanent Building Society

2. Get Fresh

You live your life in your home. Potential buyers do not…so it might be confusing for them to spot your mystery roast leftovers decaying in the sink. You don’t need to hire a cleaner (or maybe you do if your situation is very dire) just clean up your clutter! Someone is interested in making your home theirs, so a lived-in home does not have to be a dirty one. The best part of this tip is it costs absolutely nothing and might even boost your mood!

3. Channel Your Inner Handyperson

Over time bits and pieces within your home wear out. It’s easy to neglect the small things and forget about them. Things like the hinge on the kitchen cupboard or the soap holder in the bathroom. Why not bust out the Philips’ head (and perhaps Google) and get to fixing? You might be surprised how easy some things are to fix by yourself. Of course, do not attempt anything hazardous and if you are unsure its best to leave it to a professional. All the small things can add up and if everything is in working condition, even the most scrupulous buyer will be pleased.

4. Tame The Garden

Do potential buyers have to don pith helmets when entering your backyard? Having a jungle for a backyard might be somebody’s cup of tea, but it’s a safer bet to assume most people like a nice well-maintained garden. If your thumbs are green, sprucing up your garden could be an enjoyable and inexpensive way to drastically improve the desirability of your home. If gardening is not up to your alley, you can reach out to a local gardener. If the outdoor area is a small balcony, maintaining an existing plant or adding a one can really increase the visual flair of the space.

5. A New Coat Of Paint

The weather is very unkind to paint, especially the Australian sun! Over time the intense UV radiation breaks down the coats of paint on our homes. A good coat of quality paint should have a lifetime of around 10 years, so it might be time for you splash out on another coat. Your first chance of making a good impression is the exterior of your home, a fresh coat of paint, perhaps in a more modern color might just give you the wow factor needed to stand out from the crowd. In some cases, it could actually improve the value of your home.

There you have it. Five tips that will help you improve the prospects of selling your home. As you can see most of these tips are inexpensive and well worth your time and effort to get right. You can only make one first impression and when selling a property in a competitive market you want it to be a good one.