You feel really tired to clean those kitchen utensils after returning back home from the job. In that case, a dishwasher may substitute and you feel relieved but you have no option other than cleaning your microwave. It is even essential than oxygen at times for you. But the homemade remedies are really useful and simple. Knowing how to clean microwave with lemon can release your panic for a while. There are many other ways by which you can clean your microwave.

Ways of cleaning Microwave using white vinegar

Microwave needs to be cleaned regularly without fail. The things you need are quite easily available. One such remedy is using white vinegar. What you need is a

  • Safe Microwave bowl
  • Plain water
  • White vinegar

Just make the mixture of water and vinegar. The ratio must be half cup of vinegar and half cup of water in a microwave-safe bowl. Then boil the mixture. You must keep the mixture inside microwave and get it heated. Keep it for at least 10 long minutes. The vinegar steam would surely clean the mess at once. It helps to loosen the debris and the grime spread by the food. Just use a dampen cloth to clean the surface. Open the door or the microwave and you will see it is shining just like a new penny. The same process can be repeated when you are using lemon. It is also very effective.

Cleansing microwave with a soda can be a unique idea

Baking soda and water are all you need. Just make a paste of it and remember that the consistency must be thick enough. Then follow the steps

  • Apply the mixture simple on the interior surface or the microwave
  • Then let it stay for sometime
  • Finally, wipe it off using a clean cloth and you are done with cleaning.

Clean it up with orange peels as well

The materials you need are orange peel, a safe glass bowl, and plain water.

  • Put the orange peels in a big bowl.
  • Now take some water in it and set the timer to count 5 minutes.
  • The steam will make your greasy surface get clean simply.

So not only lemon but many other remedies can be thought of if you are interested in cleaning them by yourself. Cleaning microwaves just like professional will be very cost effective if you go for choosing the right hacks. Lemons, orange peels, and vinegar are easily available and can serve your propose for cleaning it easier.