There are many makers of stage curtain supplies in London and the United Kingdom. They are made with the British Standard flame-retardant fabrics. You get a made to measure product at a great price as many of these companies have both expertise and quality product that meets and exceeds expectations.


You can have the choice of heading with standard tapes and eyelets or snap hooks. The use of snap hooks is generally used for heavier weight curtains, so they support them properly.  Most of these have weighted chain hems to ensure they perfectly drape down.

Front and sides

Whether to offer main front-stage screening or coverage of side wings as well as backstage areas, stage curtains are a vital part of most activities that are theatrical or for presentations and conferences.

British standard

Fabric choices range from over 2500 fabrics that are all flame retardant and meeting the British Standard.

Stage curtains

Stage curtains in the United Kingdom are under heavy demands. As you know, there are a vast number of theatres and auditoriums in London which further intensify this demand. Even when functionality matters, the focus is more often on visuals and appearance while the nature of the design is obviously more specialized.  Stage owners and designers are very aware that their curtain plays a greater role in the aesthetics of a room and the general environment inside a theatre or auditorium.

Blend with the theatre

Also, as a rule, stage curtains need to blend almost seamlessly with all the other components of the interior design and leave feelings of continuation or clarity rather than confusion. But at the same time, telling the difference is often a task that is challenging to those who might be inexperienced in the world of design and it is for this reason professional advice is often needed when it comes to buying a stage curtain.

Sound absorption

Often those wanting a stage curtain want sound absorption to reduce the reverberation and echo within the theatre. Sound absorption curtains use an acoustically preserved fabric, accessible in several choices with 5 various weights, offering absorption for an assortment of needs.