Most of the people tend to disregard and not give emphasis on protecting their house from lightning, however, as per a recent it is survey it is estimated that more people are killed by lightning than hurricanes and tornadoes combined. On an average close to 24,000 people are killed by lightning around the year with the number of injuries increased to about tenfold in this concern.

Hence death by lightning and thunder is more common than you think and therefore precautions must be enforced so that we can live in a safe environment. Following are a few steps which must be implemented so that we can mitigate casualties when lightning strikes your roof:

1. Gain knowledge about the entire incident –

It is essential that you and your family members are aware and are informed about the consequences of a lightning strike. When lightning strikes your roof, the electric current passes through all the conductors of the medium namely metal and water. Hence if you are on a call during a thunderstorm, then the chances of casualties automatically increase. Knowing what to do during a particular circumstance and being aware of your surroundings is extremely critical when it comes to being safe during a thunderstorm.

2. Installation of Lightning Protection Devices –

Primarily it is essential that the guttering system of your house is at par to meet the requirement of safety from lightning strikes. Appointing professionals roofing inspectors who can survey and point out the shortcomings of your roof is also an essential factor. Backing this up with required lightning protection devices such as a lightning rod can help you and your family in the long run. Effective water management can help elevate the sense of security as small pools of water can help conduct electricity which in turn, increase the chances of injuries. Fixing your roof just before the monsoon season is also imperative. Thus, consulting expert roofing firms can help you to achieve this goal in the long run.

The implementation of these factors will ensure that you, your family and your house are protected from the damages that can be caused by lightning.