If you are the owner of upholstery, you should know that spills and stains need immediate attention and cleaned. This is because it is the best way to remove stains successfully. But, there are times that the stain didn’t come to your notice immediately, what should you do. Things happen like when a pet puts the stain, you are not near, and you don’t know, and when you notice about the stain, it’s too late. You might have kids, and anyone of them spills something, and out of nervousness, they couldn’t tell you and hid it in such a way that you couldn’t even notice it. After you noticed the stain, you realized that it has been too late.

So, you have two options in your hand to remove the stains if they are old. The older the stains are, the more stubborn they become. One is to call professional cleaner like carpet cleaning Newport beach. If they are professional and experienced, they can easily remove the stain from your upholstery. The second option is that you can remove the stain yourself. A little hard work and the stain on your upholstery will be gone.


At an average, you vacuum your upholstery as regularly as you can for making it look clean, for keeping the fabrics of it in good shape. Vacuuming also prevents from dust and crumbs to settle down in your sofa. If you discover an old stain, you should also vacuum it, and the stain will fade. By doing this, you ensure that the things which got stuck with the stain get sucked by the vacuum.

Cleaning Instructions:

If you are being provided with cleaning instructions of the upholstery, you better go through it. You will know if you can clean it with water or you require other solvents. If the instruction is not provided, you can test with water, vinegar, and water, in a hidden place of your upholstery and check if they can get removed.

Hot steam can help:

Put some hot steam to pass through the stain, which will loosen the stain.

Using heavy chemicals:

If nothing is helping and you got to use chemicals, make sure that chemical suits well with every member of your family. Also, you should test the chemical on hidden places of your upholstery before using them on the stain.