Water purifiers are highly in demand, and you can easily find that there are many quality purifiers available in the market. If you have been using an old technology of cleaning the water and now, you are willing to buy the best water purifier that can fulfill your need then having the basic knowledge is important.

Well, this blog post will help you grab more details about the water purifiers and the types available in the market. Let’s begin with the major and most common types available in the market and know their pros and cons to ensure whether to buy them or not. Even this will help you find the best indoor water filter Malaysia and fulfilling your needs with ease.

All the water purifying technologies mentioned below are available in the market, and you can easily buy them. So, this list is arranged on the basis of popularity.

Water Purifier with RO Technology

You may have seen many commercials of purifiers where they claim that their product has RO technology. The RO stands for reverse osmosis, and it is highly popular all around the world. In the technology, the membrane is used that help removing harmful impurities dissolves in the water. It can work effectively against the purification of salts, germs, impurities and such other substances. By removing the dissolved chemical from water, you can feel ensured, and you don’t have to worry about impurities anymore.

Purification By UF Technology

UF stands for ultrafiltration, and it is also a good type where RO technology is used in the purification. But, it doesn’t end here because there are bigger pores in the RO membrane.  It doesn’t let the macroparticles pass through the membrane. Due to such reasons, it is quite an effective solution that can fulfill your need with ease. It is the most popular type because of the cheaper price, and it is highly reliable to use.

However, it has the only issue that it does not stop very small particles. It can be troublesome, but most of the homes have TDS free water. In other words, there is no need of killing such bacteria because there is a very low amount present in the water. However, the chances of felling ill are still high. Due to such reasons, you should stay selective in approach to avoid getting into any kind of issue.

UV purification

UV purification is also called as the e-boiling in which the ultraviolet light is cleaning the water and getting rid of all the issues.  If you are using a UV purifier, then you will be getting ultra clean water with no germs, and the rate of destroying every harmful impurity from the water is 99.99{fd391cb7062e41bc902112b5b1fb371750b02c8bd296baecdaaa7e022e76832e}. In other words, you can rely on such type of water purifiers and get rid of all the issues with ease.

Hope, this post will help you find the best type of indoor water filter in Malaysia and buying that without a single issue.