Your asphalt roof is tough, but it is not invincible. There comes a time when you will need to get your roof in good condition after the battering it has taken from the elements and time. This is when you call in a Hanover roofing company to replace and repair what they can.

If you can catch the warning signs early, then you should be able to ensure that your roof is repaired promptly and quickly. Catch the problem early and you should have no trouble with your roof.

It’s Old

Time damages everything. Your roof is tough but asphalt degrades over time and it will not be as solid as it was when it was first installed. A decade is a good run and replacing the shingles by that time is a good precaution. 25 years requires immediate repair since your roof is dangerously weak by then.

Curls Are Developing

Individual shingles experience different amounts of damage. This is why when you see shingles curling, that’s a good sign that your roof needs replacing. They are either curling outwards at the edges or curling inwards in the middle. Both are signs of weathering and you need them fixed before they start leaking.

Missing Shingles

Strong winds can drag off shingles from your roof. That’s why when you look up and see patches of your roof missing, then it’s time to call in the repair guys. Missing shingles can mean potential leaks.

Cracks Are Appearing

Cracked shingles are not noticeable but you should take the time to check out your roof after every major weather event to see if any damage has appeared.

It’s Getting Green

Moss and algae are very stubborn when it comes to growing. They will appear anywhere they can find purchase and that’s exactly where your shingle comes in. Moss and algae ruin the look of your roof and they also weaken the shingle over time. Have them cleaned or replaced to get the best out of them.

You Find Granules In Your Drains

Asphalt shingles can be slowly eroded. This is where the granules come from. If you find them in your weather drain, then this means your roof is in danger. Have the roof checked immediately if you find a lot.

Damaged Flashing

Flashing is found in skylights, eaves, and chimneys. They are made of metal and expand and contract due to the weather. This can damage them and surrounding shingles. If they are damaged, they can be the cause of leaks.

The Roof Is Sagging

A sagging roof means structural damage. This is a major danger sign and you need it repaired quickly.

The Light Is Getting In

Your roof is not a skylight so the light shining in is a bad sign. Call in the experts immediately if you find this happening.

These signs should be enough of a warning that you need to call in the experts for repairs. Work with them to ensure that your home is secure and solid for the coming years.

If you’re looking for a Hanover roofing company trusted by homeowners and businesses, contact Schmidt Construction Company today. Whether you need a new roof or you need to fix an old one, our team’s ready to help.