Properly cleaned windows can add a touch of elegance to the interior and exterior of your house. In most cases, it is enough to clean your windows regularly to avoid any major cleaning job. However, harsh weather and elements can sometimes damage and affect the quality of your windows, and that when you need to use the help of a professional window cleaner. Fortunately, you can try some specific ways to clean your windows on your own. Here are 5 window cleaning tips to help you handle everything on your own.

Use Distilled Water for Cleaning

Most people do not pay attention to the quality of water they use for cleaning. You should avoid making this mistake and understand that it can cost you dearly. Your glass windows will suffer depending on what is included in the water. You need to be more careful about it if you have hard water. You will need water to dilute your glass cleaner, but when you do it, you have to ensure that you are using distilled water only. The good thing about distilled water is that it does not contain all the minerals, so it is less likely to leave streaky deposits on your glass windows.

Use multiple Scrubbers

Many people try to cut corners by using a single scrubber for the cleaning task. That is not a good thing to do because if you use the same scrubber inside that you have used outside, you will bring pollutants inside too. Using two scrubbers would be a better idea. You should use separate ones for the inside and outside of the windows. This would also help keep bird excrement out.

Make Use of Vinegar

One of the simplest ways to clean windows is to use vinegar. You can use it when you do not have your regular glass cleaner with you. All you have to do is make a vinegar-water solution and use it to clean your windows and mirrors. Be sure to use equal parts of water and vinegar to clean your windows thoroughly. Vinegar works because it cuts grease. Some people may also consider using liquid dish detergent for better cleaning. You can certainly try the option because it helps clean grease and dirt. Vinegar, however, would be the cheaper option and it works great too.

Minimize Suds

You should work extra hard to minimize suds or you will end up dealing with a glass full of streaks. Most people do not have to worry about it so long as they use vinegar or regular glass cleaner. Some may experience this issue when they add soap to the solution. There are benefits of adding soaps to the mix to clean your windows, but you need to go easily to avoid having a streaky residue on your windows.

Use New Blade Always

When you want to use a blade to get rid of paint overspray, you should consider using new blades only. While you may be able to use an old one to remove the gunk, there is always a risk of having microscopic rust particles damage the glass.